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YourTorah is designed as an introduction to the 63 tractates (books) of Mishnah and is taught by women.
In each 18 minute podcast you'll find the overview of one tractate, with a sample mishnah and a practical take-away.
YourTorah is a project of JOFA UK designed as a special invitation to women & girls to make Torah study ‘their thing’ -
though men are of course welcome to join too.

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    Our Hadran!

    Rabba Dina Brawer wraps up the YourTorah journey, and shares an overview of the project.

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    Oktzin: Creativity Stems from Frustration

    Rabba Claudia Marbach opens up the final masekhet of the Mishnah, Oktzin, looking at the study of Mishnah and how it constitutes part of the pleasures of this world.

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    Yadayim: Can't Touch This

    Leah Sarna opens up masekhet Yadayim, unpacking how hands are made impure and looking at how King Solomon created 'tumat yadayim' - the impurities of the hands.

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    Tevul Yom: Imparting Impurity

    Yardaena Osband introduces Tevul Yom, looking into how different statuses - for instance that of the tevul yom - impact when and how a person imparts impurity.

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    Zavim: Finding Meaning in the Mundane

    Shayna Abramson dives into masekhet Zavim, unpacking its laws of ritual impurity, and demonstrating that even texts that may seem irrelevant to our lives have the capacity to teach us moral truths.

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    Makhshirin: Triumph of the Will?

    Rabbi Aviva Richman looks into masekhet Makhshirin, unpacking how its discussion of the purity of objects provides us with a chance to become more aware of our intentions in our day-to-day lives.

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    Niddah: Tracing the Laws of Intimacy

    Nechama Goldman Barash introduces masekhet Niddah, tracing the laws governing sexual intimacy from their origins in Torah, through to their explication in the Mishnah - and their application today.

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    Mikvaot: Returning to Nature

    Ellyse Borghi introduces masekhet Mikvaot, looking at the way in which the mikvah serves as a reminder of our role in the world as creators seeking to emulate the Divine.

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    Tahorot: Quantum Uncertainty

    Atara Cohen unpacks masekhet Tahorot, looking at how impurity flows from one object to another and exploring how the Mishnah bestows certainty on an uncertain world.

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    Parah: Why We Study Torah

    Cecilia Haendler introduces masekhet Parah, unpacking the ritual of the red heifer and exploring how it creates a mysterious and powerful bridge to Oral Torah.

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